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What are advantages of aluminum plastic recycling machine?

aluminum plastic recycling machine
Waste aluminum plastic recycling machine

Waste aluminum plastic recycling machine is a machine adopts foreign advanced technology, no need for any fuel, fast recovery, which can made full use of the aluminum plastic and scraps with high aluminum contents and replace the old way for recycling by labor. This machine can  , and has been very high efficiency for recycling rate (90% of aluminum from the ashes),short working time (10 minutes for finish the separation of aluminum and plastic ),low electricity consumption, enviromental friendly(with dirt and smoke ventilation equipment)  features. The whole machine is fully automatic in mechanical working way and its efficiency is increased 15% comparing with the manual way.
aluminum plastic recycling machine
Waste aluminum plastic recycling machine advantage
1.With the aluminum plastic recycling machine , the aluminum and plastic can be completely separated for comprehensive utilization and to achieve a higher economic benefit and without dust and secondary pollution.

2.The medical scrap recycling processing can be completed under multicomputer controlled one time batch-feeding for crushing and automotive conveying ,sound insulation and echnology and cooling system.

3.Little noise, large output, innovative features.It can maintain the quality of the original aluminum besides recycle plastic .It can generate greater economic benefits for you.

4.It adopts high voltage electrostatic separation technology, higher metal recoveries, metal recycling rate of 98%.
5.This device also uses a triple dust device developed by our company , this dust removal device is composed of three dust collector : cyclone dust, dust bag and air purifiers dust, can effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.


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