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Mixed plastics separation machine


Mixed plastics separation machine

Mixed plastics separation machine

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Mixed plastic separation machine is professionally to process waste mixed plastic to separate them for further use. As it has a lot of practical use of separating plastic, mixed plastic separation machine is getting more and more welcome now.

mixed plastic separation machineMixed plastics separation machine

As we know, there are many types of plastic, like PET, PVC, PS, PA, ABS…These mixed plastic could be generated from the crushed electric appliance, cars and electronic toys after removing the metals. So with the development of people’s life, the quantity of these plastic produced is larger, and always these plastic are mixed together. Directly discarding these mixed plastic will produce a lot of pollution to the environment and human health, and on the other hand if these mixed plastic could be separated, then it could be for recycle again too. As the value of mixed plastic separation and recycling, so the mixed plastic separation machine has attracted more and more concern all over the world.

mixed plastic separation machine The mixed plastic and the separated PET& PVC

Then how about the mixed plastic separation machine working to process these mixed plastic? Actually the working principle of this machine is according to the difference charging properties of different plastic, so the electrostatic separator is the most important part of the whole mixed plastic separation line. And before electrostatic separating, will have crusher to cut the plastic into small pieces, and then the dryer will dry the plastic so that the charging properties of these mixed plastic will be stronger, thus it will be easier for electrostatic separator for separating. And usually the separation rate of this mixed plastic separation machine could be reaching to above 99%.

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